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About SigmaX

SigmaX is a maths application software which enables learners, educators and ordinary people to learn maths in a super fun and creatively engaging way. This is done through visualisation techniques and gamification of those abstract concepts we all find confusing at first.

The app uses graphics ,animations and storytelling to create a fun and in depth way of learning concepts in algebra, geometry, trigonometry , statistics and finance.

These are based on real life examples which creates a practical and in-depth understanding of maths ideas discovered by mathematicians and philosophers hundreds of years ago. You learn at your own pace and at your own place.


Do you want to catch up, brush up, or be ahead of your peers in maths?
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The SigmaX app enables learners, educators and ordinary people to visualise and better understand maths through simple explanations. They also learn at their own paces and wherever they are through the use of phones, tablets and personal computers

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Beta-SigmaX uses graphics and animations to create visuals that enables learners to understand maths concepts better.

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